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Jade Journey Tea Collection

The Jade Journey collection offers a taste of green teas from the major tea producing areas: China, Japan and India. Jade Journey includes 1 ounce each of the following teas:

Makaibari Darjeeling Green - This beautiful, long-leaf green tea has a naturally sweet taste and a light floral note that is characteristic of teas from India's Darjeeling district.

Fukamushi Sencha - Known as "deep-steamed" tea, this second flush sencha brews a deep lime-green cup with a bold, rich flavor. The leaves are steamed longer than standard sencha, resulting in a more intense flavor and less bitterness. Makes a great iced tea.

Bi Luo Chun - Treasured for its delicate peach-like fragrance, rich vegetal taste and distinctive curly green leaves sprinkled with white buds. This light golden tea offers a clean and lightly sweet taste with apricot and vegetal notes and no astringency

Emerald Pearls - Fresh leaves from the pre-Rain harvest are picked and rolled into small pearls. The brewed tea is full-bodied and flavorful with notes of roasted vegetable and chestnut and a smooth finish.

We may substitute a comparable tea in the case that one of the designated teas is not available.