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Jade Journey Tea Collection

The Jade Journey collection offers a taste of green teas from the major tea producing areas: China, Japan and India. Jade Journey includes 1 ounce each of the following teas:

Makaibari Darjeeling Green - This beautiful, long-leaf green tea has a naturally sweet taste and a light floral note that is characteristic of teas from India's Darjeeling district.

Fukamushi Sencha - Known as "deep-steamed" tea, this second flush sencha brews a deep lime-green cup with a bold, rich flavor. The leaves are steamed longer than standard sencha, resulting in a more intense flavor and less bitterness. Makes a great iced tea.

Dragon Well - One of China's "10 famous teas", Dragon Well (Lung Jing) green tea has been prized since the Tang Dynasty for its jade green color, mellow taste, floral aroma and flat, shiny leaves. This handcrafted, pan-fired tea is refreshing and cooling with a nutty flavor reminiscent of roasted chestnuts and a sweet aftertaste.

Nepal High Mountain - From the Kanchanjangha Estate, established in 1984, this high-mountain grown, hand-crafted green tea is richly aromatic, evoking grassy meadows with hints of wildflowers.

We may substitute a comparable tea in the case that one of the designated teas is not available.