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Tea Classes

Aug 2023 UPDATE: We are currently not taking reservations for tea classes. 

All classes are by reservation only. Please call 505-255-0522 to make your reservation at least 2 days in advance. We require a minimum of 4 people and we can accommodate up to 8 people. Tastings last 1 1/2 to 2 hours and include a selection of light tea snacks.

Cost: $20/person

Introduction to Tea 101

One plant, five styles. This informative and fun class will introduce participants to each of the main categories of tea: green, white, oolong, black and pu-erh. Learn about where and how teas are grown and the variety of processing methods that create the diverse aromas and flavors of each type of tea. Savor a selection of teas and learn basic brewing parameters for each type of tea.

Introduction to Green and White Teas

Interested in exploring the diversity of green and white teas? This session will provide a more in-depth overview of green and white teas, and how they are grown and crafted. Participants will enjoy the full sensory experience of tasting a variety of green and white teas. The instructor will share anecdotes and background information as well as brewing tips for each tea.

Matcha: The Basics

In Japan, the preparation of matcha (powdered tea) has evolved as a spiritual practice embodied in the Japanese tea ceremony known as Chado. This class will provide an introduction to the Japanese tea ceremony and the origins of matcha. Participants will taste a high-quality matcha and learn how to prepare matcha in the traditional style.

Introduction to Oolong Teas

This session will focus on the diversity of oolong teas from China and Taiwan. Learn how the growing environment and different processing methods contribute to the spectrum of flavor and aroma, from light and floral to dark and rich. Enjoy the full sensory experience of tasting different oolong teas using the traditional Chinese brewing method known as "gongfu" tea.

Introduction to Black Teas

Looking to expand your tea horizons beyond Earl Grey & English Breakfast tea? This session will offer an introduction to the diversity of authentic, unflavored black teas. Participants will have the opportunity to sample a variety of black teas from the main producing regions of India and China.