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Wholesome White Tea Collection

Savor the refreshing and healthy white teas of China. Our Wholesome White tea collection includes 1 ounce each of the following teas:

Silver Needle - This high-grade white tea is made only from tender new buds that are covered in silver-white hairs. The leaves are picked only two days a year in the early spring and are processed entirely by hand. When infused, Silver Needle tea produces a clear, straw colored liquor with an extraordinary full-bodied, fresh and sweet taste.

White Peony - A traditional style of white tea originating from China, our White Peony is picked in the early spring and carefully crafted from a mix of light and dark green leaves and lots of silvery buds. White Peony has a fresh bamboo aroma, a full-bodied mouth feel and a lightly sweet flavor with notes of melon and grape.

Rose Bouquet - A beautiful blend of fine white tea with red rose petals, lavender flowers and fresh peppermint leaves. The result is a delicately sweet and refreshing white tea.

Drum Mountain White Cloud - Grown in the clouds and mist environment, known as "yun wu" in China, this white tea is wonderfully fragrant and has a mild, sweet taste with a slightly nutty flavor. It is very easy to brew and doesn't become bitter from over-steeping. 

We may substitute a comparable tea in the case that one of the designated teas is not available.