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Keemun Black Tea (Organic)

2 oz.
4 oz.
8 oz.

Known as the "Burgundy" of black teas, our Keemun is produced in Qimen County, located in the southern Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) area. This mountainous region enjoys relatively cool temperatures, high humidity and frequent fog which contribute to the fruity and mellow taste of Keemun. 

Keemun is noted for its characteristic "Keemun fragrance", which is reminiscent of orchids. Its flavor is full-bodied with notes of nutty pine and dried fruits like plum or apricot. Makes a delicious breakfast tea and goes well with spicy foods. Certified Organic.

Origin: China, Anhui Province
Harvest Season: Spring 2023

Brewing Guide
Use 1 tsp. per 6 oz. cup. Heat water to boiling. Let steep 4 - 5 minutes.