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Only Oolong Tea Collection

Experience the best of the green and dark oolong styles from China and Taiwan. Our Oolong tea collection contains 1 ounce each of the following teas:

Wuyi Shui Xian - Grown among the mineral-rich cliffs of the Wuyi Mountain wilderness area, Shui Xian is a heavily roasted, dark-style oolong. With a smoky aroma, the tea offers distinct caramel and mineral undertones that mellow into lightly sweet and floral notes.

Dong Ding - This classic, medium-oxidized oolong tea comes from Mr. Lin’s tea farm. It has a lightly floral and fruity flavor and a subtle sweetness that lingers in the throat. Careful processing of this tea is evident in all its aspects: the deep green handpicked leaves, rich aroma, and golden liquor.

Golden Lily (Jin Xuan) - Grown at an elevation of over 1,500 meters, our high mountain Jin Xuan delivers a smooth and balanced buttery quality with a light floral aroma of cornflowers and notes of sweet nectarine and apricot.

Bao Zhong - Grown on Mr. Wang’s farm, this green Taiwanese oolong is noteworthy for its deeply floral aroma and light, refreshing taste that lingers gently on the palate. Bao Zhong tea is processed with a minimum of rolling and drying, resulting in large, deep green leaves that have undergone only slight oxidation.

We may substitute a comparable tea in the case that one of the designated teas is not available.