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Jasmine Pearls Green Tea (Organic)

2 oz.
4 oz.
8 oz.

A favorite since the Song Dynasty, young tealeaf and bud sets are hand-rolled into small pearls, known as Dragon Pearls. Dragon Pearls are harvested from the Da Bai white tea varietal which yields a tea with a smooth body and rich flavor. The small pearls are then mixed with fragrant jasmine blossoms several times according to traditional scenting techniques. The result is a green tea with a delicate, sweet flavor and the luscious aroma of jasmine. Certified Organic.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, jasmine tea is said to reduce nervous tension, break down saturated fat and increase circulation. Great with strong-flavored, spicy foods or after meals as a soothing digestive.

Origin: China, Fujian Province
Harvest Season: July 2023

Brewing Guide
Use 1 teaspoon per 6 oz. cup. Heat water until steaming (170 - 180º F). Let steep 2 - 3 minutes. Good for multiple infusions.