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Silver Needle White Tea

2 oz.
4 oz.
8 oz.

Silver Needle is the highest grade of white tea in China, made only from early spring tea leaf buds. Our 2024 Silver Needle is entirely handpicked and crafted by the Xu family from the traditional Fuding da hao tea varietal.

When infused, Silver Needle tea produces clear, pale straw colored liquor with an aroma of fresh-cut hay, sun dried linen and honeysuckle. It coats the palate with a silky and smooth texture. The taste is soft, lightly sweet and floral with notes of fresh summer corn and apricot. A delicate and subtle treat for quiet moments..

Origin: China, Fujian Province, Fuding, Keng Li Yang Village
Harvest Season: March 24, 2024 (pre-Qing Ming)

Brewing Guide
Use 5 g (2 heaping tbsp.) per 6 oz (175ml) of water. Heat water to 185º F. Let steep 2 minutes. Silver Needle can yield 4-5 infusions. Adjust amount of leaf, brewing time and water temperature according to your personal preference.